Literature Review: Effectiveness 0f Online Nutrition Education on Mother Nutrition Knowledge of Stunting Children


  • Alfi Rahmatillah Nur Fithriah Department of Nutrition Science, Sebelas Maret University,Surakarta, Indonesia.
  • Sumardyono Vocational School, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia.
  • Anik Lestari Department of Medicine, Sebelas Maret University,Surakarta, Indonesia.


Mother Nutrition Knowledge, Online Education, Stunting


One of the unresolved nutritional problems is stunting. Short stature, known as stunting in childhood, is the result of chronic malnutrition or failure to thrive in the past. This study aims to analyze general articles related to the effectiveness of online nutrition education on mother nutrition knowledge of stunting children. Researchers used a literature review study based on data collection from the period between 2019 and 2023 with the keywords stunting/short toddlers, nutrition education, effectiveness of online education, knowledge of stunting mothers' nutrition and stunting mothers' knowledge of nutrition. Data related to topics originating from within and outside the country have been studied and selected from Google Scholar, PubMed, Proquest, and ScienceDirect. The results of the article search process show that 28 articles match the keywords Indonesian and English. After the data was reviewed and re-selected, the remaining 14 articles met the inclusion criteria and were relevant to the research objectives. The conclusion from the results of the literature review of this journal shows that there is an effectiveness of online nutrition education on the nutritional knowledge of stunting mothers.